Aikikai of Philadelphia Promotional Video

Aikido – The Way of Harmony

The Art of Peace

“The Art of Peace” is a short film produced by Mosaic Theatre Productions and Jere Edmunds that explores the practice of Aikido. Focusing on Aikikai Philadelphia and Henry Smith Shihan (6th dan), the film guides the viewer through a process that illuminates and clarifies how the study of martial arts can benefit anyone’s spiritual and physical health. Ed Shockley, filmmaker and Aikikai instructor, wrote this 25-minute video. It is directed by Larry Motem.


Ken shodan - August 12, 2017. Photographed by Clare Din.

Clare throws uke at USAF Summer Camp 2017. Photographed by Brandon Din.

Nafudukake. Photographed by Clare Din.

New tatami mat installed in March 2016. Photographed by Clare Din.

Dr. John Porter 20th Anniversary Class - March 10, 2017


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